Baridoo Wine Rack. Stackable Countertop Wine Bottle Stand. 12 Bottles Wine Holder Organizer for Table Top, Pantry, Cabinet, Refrigerator. Wine Bar Quality Plastic Lightweight Storage (Black).



Brand: Baridoo

Color: Black


  • STYLISH DESIGN – The Baridoo professional design team, came up with a unique and elegant wave wine rack design. It is truly a stylish and innovative way to store your wine at home or business.
  • PRACTICAL AND MODULAR – The special modular design is simple to assemble and require minimal effort. Perfectly sized for kitchen countertop, this wine rack makes a great addition to any kitchen or home bar.
  • FUNCTIONALITY FIRST – The well thought of dimensions of: 21(L) * 7.5 (W) * 10.5 (H) inches (bottles free) give you endless possibilities of storing your wine bottles.
  • PERFECTLY SIZED – The Free-Standing Wave Wine Rack system is designed stack up to 12 wine bottles (or water bottles) at a time.
  • PATENTED – Sold Exclusively by Baridoo who patented this product. Beware of cheap imitations. Only when you buy from us, you have full warranty and a 30-day money back guarantee.

Publisher: Baribua Industrial Design Ltd.

Details: Looking for a stylish and innovative way to store your wine at home? Look no further than our innovative Birando Wave Wine Racks. These slim yet sturdy racks have quickly become a popular structure for wine bottle storage in homes due to their aesthetically pleasing looks and utter functionality. Strong and Modern Design The Wave Wine Racks are attached to one another and structured with stability and strength. This modern twist on the traditional wine rack allows you to adapt the racks capacity according to the number of bottles you want to stack. Additional wine racks can be easily placed side by side or on top of each other to create more capacity without taking up too much floor space. The Wave Wine Rack system can hold up to 12 wine bottles or water bottles at a time. Its modular design is simple to assemble and require minimal hassle. The Wave Wine Rack is available in sleek black or striking terra cotta color -Each Wave Wine Rack set includes: 4 x Wave-shape units (injected PP+FG) PVC snap on screws Dimensions Assembled (free of bottles): 21(L) * 7.5 (W) * 10.5 (H) (inches) Stored un-assembled (while not in use): 21 * 7.5 * 3.5 (inches) Bottles are for illustration purposes only